Back to the Source

It’s an early November evening, and I’m at Paper Source on the Plaza. It’s nearly pitch black outside, and everyone is still befuddled by the onset of darkness, as in, “oh yeah, seasons.” I’m the only dude in a shop full of girls. I slink over to the greeting cards. I’ve got content strategy on the brain, as I often do. I’m looking for a good thank you … Continue reading Back to the Source

Kansas City Public Library

Case Study: Social/Digital Content Campaign for KC Library Summary: Launched social media tournament of books. Problem: Like all public libraries, Kansas City’s has to think up creative and interesting ways of making core services, such as reader’s advisory, relevant to customers in a digital age. And that’s difficult when they won’t come into the library. Solution: Reach and engage customers online through a fun and illuminating … Continue reading Kansas City Public Library

Five-Star Generals Commemoratives

Summary: Used social and web content to generate awareness, affinity, and sales for the U.S. Mint’s coin program saluting the five 5-star generals of the Army. Problem: Our client, the Command and General Staff College Foundation at Ft. Leavenworth, won the privilege of being the recipient of a percentage of sales generated by the Mint’s program, expected at well over $1 million. However, if a certain threshold … Continue reading Five-Star Generals Commemoratives

12 Ideas to Make Public Radio Cooler

I grew up listening to public radio. Our little college station in Abilene, Texas, was a real-live NPR affiliate. It played two hours of Morning Edition before switching over to easy listening at 9am until it was time for All Things Considered in the evening. Weekends brought A Prairie Home Companion and a local physician, “Dr. Jazz,” who spun records from his own pretty solid  … Continue reading 12 Ideas to Make Public Radio Cooler

3 SXSW 2014 Takeaways

Though I’ve been to the Music portion of SXSW at least four and a half times, this year marked my first visit to the Interactive side. If you haven’t been, picture a small urban downtown area full of bars and hotels, then overlay a massive whorl of startup founders, designers and developers, agency types, tech-y VCs, and geeks of all stripes (all in various degrees of taco-and-beer consumption) spilling … Continue reading 3 SXSW 2014 Takeaways

A Community-Charged Creative Clambake at Middle of the Map Forum

Monsieur Raux. If terms like “Creative Placemaking,” “Emerging Education” and “Sustainable Wellness” sound a bit obscure, then you probably weren’t at last week’s Middle of the Map Fest Forum. Or maybe you were there. You’re just still mentally unpacking what it all meant. Sandwiched between a boisterous live Music fest and a cultish Film program, MOTM’s big-dreaming-stepchild Forum assembled two days of panel discussions and … Continue reading A Community-Charged Creative Clambake at Middle of the Map Forum

7 Marketing Lessons from Jack White

Visiting Nashville over the holidays, my super-cool niece Bridget took me to Third Man Records. I was impressed. My visit inspired this entry, which originally appeared on Summit Social. As we’ve been working with our client Union Station Kansas City to promote their awesome Science of Rock ‘n Roll exhibit this winter, our minds have been on music. And there are few figures in modern … Continue reading 7 Marketing Lessons from Jack White

Notes from an Unlikely Campaigner

I often feel like I don’t have a dog in the political fight. As someone whose job is to tell the stories of others (often clients), I try to maintain journalistic impartiality in all my online messages. And that sometimes creeps into my attitudes, too, for better or worse. But early this morning well before dawn, I joined my awesome and politically charged girlfriend Natalie … Continue reading Notes from an Unlikely Campaigner

Why Build a Downtown Arts Campus in Kansas City?

Take the downtown Kansas City you know now and add some 600 performing and visual arts students to it — all living, studying, playing, and creating in the heart of our burgeoning creative center. And they never grow up and move away! That’s the vision laid out by the Conservatory and its dean, Peter Witte, in their plan for a Downtown Campus for the Arts … Continue reading Why Build a Downtown Arts Campus in Kansas City?

How to Build Brand Advocates on a Budget

This post originally appeared on Your Brand Partner. I’m sharing it here because it gives a bit of my social media marketing philosophy, plus a look at some specific campaigns I’ve developed at my @KCLibrary post. Imagine working in a place where everything is free. Where you give away your products to anyone who asks. And, to top it off,  the more people who come … Continue reading How to Build Brand Advocates on a Budget