Video: The Kansas City Bear Fighters

The more I get to know them, the more I like Kansas City Bear Fighters. I recently reviewed the plucky acoustic swing band’s latest album, Apocalypse Party, for The Pitch. Using front-porch instrumentation and early-American ragtime and bluegrass rhythms, the KCBFs render devilishly clever and catchy songs about zombie apocalypses, time travel and the joys of tequila. How can you not like ’em?

After running into frontman Quinn McCue on the streets of our local Mardi Gras celebration (he makes a cameo in video two), I decided I would check out the band’s gig later that week at Davey’s. I didn’t really have a plan. I figured I’d get some photos and write some words for your standard-issue blog review. But since I’ve been dabbling in video, I decided to borrow a digital camera (thanks, Angela) shoot some clips, corner Quinn for a quick interview and piece it all together later. I’d get to work on my video skills, and the band would get free publicity — from all three people who read this blog.

Hopefully this shows you musicians out there how easy it is to produce free video content and spread it to the world. Don’t wait for someone else — bloggers, TV stations, Larry King, whoever — to do it for you. D.I.Y., y’all!


One thought on “Video: The Kansas City Bear Fighters

  1. Thanks for this. I love these guys. I believe them to be one the biggest semi-underdiscovered geniuses around. I hope they get fully recognized in their lifetime and not suffer the Van Gogh syndrome, 100 years later people saying, “This sh!t is really good.” Thanks for doing your part to spread the word.

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