Video: Interview with Artist Anne Pearce

Interview with awesome and talented KC artist Anne Pearce, talking about her exhibition of 10 paintings at the Library.

This was the most hi-fi vid I’ve worked on so far, mainly because we ran separate sound — first time ever for that, and I wish I could do it every time.

Our curator, Adam, asked the interview questions, and A/V guy Michael helped with the setup (a Flip Cam on a tiny tripod on a stepladder, plus jerry-rigging the lights in the gallery space) and recorded sound. I just did the editing.

I downloaded field-recorded train station platform noise (Washington D.C., I think) to serve as the soundtrack. Note the two chimes that correspond with the titles at the end. Totally dumb luck, that piece of audio synchronicity.

For something completely different, here’s a video I made of patrons doing book reviews at a Winter Reading Party at one of our branch libraries. I love our patrons.


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