Where to Get the Latest News on Google Fiber in Kansas City

I’ve recently begun contributing to Google Connects KC, a site that collects and comments on the latest news regarding Google Fiber’s ever-impending arrival in Kansas City.

The blog is a project of several technologically inclined groups: the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship, the Social Media Club of KC, and the Mayors’ Bistate Innovation Team (which recently stepped out of the picture), along with help from folks at MARC and Think Big Partners.

Nested on the site is also the information gateway for the Give Us a Gig neighborhood outreach project (more on that soon).

For the most part with the blog we’ll be tracking the latest Fiber news in the community and wider world and reporting on it in neutral, fact-driven posts that might occasionally veer toward the positive and hopeful.

This means we won’t be joining the ranks of people pillorying Google for being less than forthcoming in giving information about the rollout. Nor will we echo the cynics who think Kansas City is going to squander this technological gift.

Instead, we’ll try to provide an informational resource for all things Google Fiber in Kansas City, from quirky local maker spaces popping up to Google’s efforts to bridge the digital divide.

Keep an eye on the News & Information tab.

My latest posts:

More to come!


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