Five-Star Generals Commemoratives

Summary: Used social and web content to generate awareness, affinity, and sales for the U.S. Mint’s coin program saluting the five 5-star generals of the Army.

Problem: Our client, the Command and General Staff College Foundation at Ft. Leavenworth, won the privilege of being the recipient of a percentage of sales generated by the Mint’s program, expected at well over $1 million. However, if a certain threshold of coin sales were not reached, the College would receive nothing. The Mint would launch a typical direct mail campaign expected to generated 75% of the sales needed. The rest was on us, and our budget was small.

Solution: With limited budget to generate the needed sales, we concentrated it where it would get the most impact — through a targeted and community-building digital/social campaign. As we knew the Mint would hit most of the coin-collector market already, we developed and delivered a creative mix of storytelling content, conversation-driving interaction, and keyword-targeted sales appeals aimed at military history and WWII buffs, as well as overseas buyers the Mint’s campaign would not reach. Our vehicles included a blog, Facebook page, Facebook ads, Twitter organic, and Google Adwords + Display. We also developed relationships with like-minded institutions capable of reaching bigger, established audiences, including the National Infantry Museum and the Eisenhower Library.

Shareworthy content generated conversation and interaction on social media, especially Facebook, where thousands of potential buyers were engaged who otherwise wouldn’t have been reached.


In the end, the CGSCF was awarded approximately $2 million as a result of the program’s success.


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