American Massage Therapy Association

Case Study: American Massage Therapy Association Paid Facebook

Summary: Designed and executed a targeted, paid Facebook campaign to grow community for the nation’s leading massage therapy association and convert followers into members.

Problem: Massage therapy is an $11 billion industry, and all massage therapists (MTs), of which there were an estimated 320,000 in 2013, must get insurance and continuing ed credits through one of a few associations. Of the two main MT associations in the country, the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) was the more prestigious, yet few industry practitioners had any idea how AMTA and its competitors were different.

Solution: Looking at the social media landscape, there was an immense opportunity for a leader to emerge and begin amassing followers by delivering content of value. Working with the creative team, I designed, executed, and iteratively tested a surgical strike of Facebook ads to potential members, delivering optimized content and earning fans by the thousands. Within a few months, their fanbase grew by leaps and bounds. I no longer have the data, but I estimate we gained around 10,000 likes per month and achieved a CTR of 2% avg. They now have three times the social media market share of their competition.

amta ad


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