Johnson County Government

Summary: Led redesign and IA/content strategy rework of the website for Johnson County, Kan., government.

Problem: The county’s web presence was divided among 40+ different departmental websites and more than 10,000 records with no cohesive brand identity or easy-to-navigate content platform. For citizens, this created extreme confusion in trying to access important government services, such as paying their water bill or getting vehicle registration. For internal stakeholders, it was a management nightmare.

Solution: Understand user/stakeholder needs and create an all-in-one solution in Drupal CMS that provided a central access point to all county services through a fresh, mobile/responsive, user-first interface that also equipped the county’s communications team with a storytelling platform that could be integrated with other efforts online and off (social media, printed county magazine). When the website launched, it garnered recognition for our agency in the KC Star and KC Business Journal. Platforms: Bootstrap, Drupal

Phases of the project included:

  • Research to Understand Citizen and Stakeholder Needs
    • Secondary Research – Reviewed Citizen Surveys & Citizen Engagement Report
    • Stakeholder Interviews – In-depth interviews with 12 dept. leaders
    • Online Citizen Feedback – solicited through social media and Ideascale tool
  • UX Analysis & Testing
    • Examination of current usage analytics & user behavior
    • Visualization of data to understand web ecosystem and its problems
    • Examination of best-in-class government websites
    • Creation of new proposed information architecture (IA) & wireframes
    • Card sort testing to validate IA
    • UX testing to validate wireframes
  • Content Strategy & Content Management
    • Content inventory of existing site
    • Content matrix for top-level websites
    • Content management plan for prioritizing and maintain site going forward
  • Responsive Design Themes
    • Creation of 3 creative themes for new website
  • (Development)
    • Drupal/Bootstrap development was executed by the county IT team led by senior developer Bret Williamson




After – Desktop


After – Responsive (Phone)


Insights through data visualization of web analytics (chart shows visitor behavior across county dept. subsites)


Local coverage in the Star mentions our agencyJoCo Gov KC Star article 001



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