Kansas City Public Library

Case Study: Social/Digital Content Campaign for KC Library

Summary: Launched social media tournament of books.

Problem: Like all public libraries, Kansas City’s has to think up creative and interesting ways of making core services, such as reader’s advisory, relevant to customers in a digital age. And that’s difficult when they won’t come into the library.

Solution: Reach and engage customers online through a fun and illuminating social sharing contest. Calling it “Booketology,” I devised a March Madness-themed campaign using social media and blog content to get followers voting for the best book out of a bracket of 64 built by readers’ services director Kaite Stover.

The beauty of this project was that it aligned new media with the traditional library service of recommending books to read.


The tournament lasted two and a half weeks and netted nearly 1,000 votes from just over 400 people, all of whom were added to our email list.

It was small, but it was a blast, and the best part was watching people talk about how fun it was for them.


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