KC Digital Drive

Case Study: Content Strategy for KC Digital Drive

Summary: Built a website for a unique nonprofit startup catalyzed by Google Fiber and charged with guiding community-led technology efforts for a whole city.

Problem: KC Digital Drive had a volunteer-built Frankenstein monster of a website that could not meet the organization’s need to rally diverse stakeholders around the common goal of using technology to improve the quality of life and economic future of the city.

Solution: First, I worked with my colleague, Managing Director Aaron Deacon, to refine the organization’s mission and strategic objectives. That was a heavy lift. Then, we evolved KC Digital Drive’s well-publicized strategic Playbook from a static PDF document to a living breathing content system. The overall goal with the website was to evoke feelings of civic pride in “Making Kansas City a Digital Leader,” then use deeper-level content to show how we were fulfilling that mission by documenting projects across our seven focus areas: gigabit applications, digital inclusion, economic development, government, healthcare, and education. We worked with the agency Cremalab to implement the site in WordPress using a dynamic taxonomy to surface relevant fresh content with each visit.



After (live site):

KC Digital Drive website


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