Wingstop THUMP – Periscope Activation

Summary: We “hacked” Periscope to create an interactive, gamified experience to drive brand engagement for new and existing fans of Wingstop.

Problem: Challenger chicken wing brand Wingstop wanted to do something different and innovative to capitalize on organic buzz around National Chicken Wing Day (July 29). We did not have a huge budget, but we did have an ardently vocal social community.

Solution: Barkley’s Content and Creative teams collaborated with the client to devise an “auction” on Periscope. As prizes appeared on screen via Periscope, users would begin tapping up hearts (Periscople’s parlance for likes) as fast as they could. The person who “thumped” the most hearts would win. Prizes included on-brand items like a beach cruiser bike, custom Nikes, a signed Talib Kweli album, and a year’s supply of wings.

It sounded simple, but in reality it was difficult to execute. Periscope does not provide an API for developers to harness user data as no. of hearts tapped per user. For weeks, we tried to find workarounds.

With just a few weeks to spare, our developer team had a breakthrough: They found a side door into the data that did not violate Periscope’s TOS.

From there, it was game on.

In addition to helping find the overall solution, I led the design and deployment of the multichannel activation to get users to the Periscope auction. We made a trailer video, sent promoted tweets, and used Snapchat stories to prime THUMP. The even took place over two days: first, a sneak preview on July 28, and a 12-hour activation on July 29. We set up a command center to monitor and moderate the activation, with both agency and client teams participating. It was a blast, and the Wingstop community loved it.

Case Study Video:


  • 80% sentiment
  • 65 days of live video consumed
  • Heart increase from 9,432 to 826,118, taking Wingstop above brands like Taco Bell, Red Bull, Chipotle and even the White House
  • 8600% heart increase in 33 hours
  • 7,560 Twitter mentions @ 5.25 mentions per minute (100% increase over average)
  • PR coverage in the Drum

Even the CEO of Periscope himself, Kayvon Beykpour, gave it his seal of approval.



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