Back to the Source

It’s an early November evening, and I’m at Paper Source on the Plaza. It’s nearly pitch black outside, and everyone is still befuddled by the onset of darkness, as in, “oh yeah, seasons.” I’m the only dude in a shop full of girls. I slink over to the greeting cards. I’ve got content strategy on the brain, as I often do. I’m looking for a good thank you … Continue reading Back to the Source

Johnson County Government

Summary: Led redesign and IA/content strategy rework of the website for Johnson County, Kan., government. Problem: The county’s web presence was divided among 40+ different departmental websites and more than 10,000 records with no cohesive brand identity or easy-to-navigate content platform. For citizens, this created extreme confusion in trying to access important government services, such as paying their water bill or getting vehicle registration. … Continue reading Johnson County Government

KC Digital Drive

Case Study: Content Strategy for KC Digital Drive Summary: Built a website for a unique nonprofit startup catalyzed by Google Fiber and charged with guiding community-led technology efforts for a whole city. Problem: KC Digital Drive had a volunteer-built Frankenstein monster of a website that could not meet the organization’s need to rally diverse stakeholders around the common goal of using technology to improve the … Continue reading KC Digital Drive

Five-Star Generals Commemoratives

Summary: Used social and web content to generate awareness, affinity, and sales for the U.S. Mint’s coin program saluting the five 5-star generals of the Army. Problem: Our client, the Command and General Staff College Foundation at Ft. Leavenworth, won the privilege of being the recipient of a percentage of sales generated by the Mint’s program, expected at well over $1 million. However, if a certain threshold … Continue reading Five-Star Generals Commemoratives