12 Ideas to Make Public Radio Cooler

I grew up listening to public radio. Our little college station in Abilene, Texas, was a real-live NPR affiliate. It played two hours of Morning Edition before switching over to easy listening at 9am until it was time for All Things Considered in the evening. Weekends brought A Prairie Home Companion and a local physician, “Dr. Jazz,” who spun records from his own pretty solid  … Continue reading 12 Ideas to Make Public Radio Cooler

3 SXSW 2014 Takeaways

Though I’ve been to the Music portion of SXSW at least four and a half times, this year marked my first visit to the Interactive side. If you haven’t been, picture a small urban downtown area full of bars and hotels, then overlay a massive whorl of startup founders, designers and developers, agency types, tech-y VCs, and geeks of all stripes (all in various degrees of taco-and-beer consumption) spilling … Continue reading 3 SXSW 2014 Takeaways

7 Marketing Lessons from Jack White

Visiting Nashville over the holidays, my super-cool niece Bridget took me to Third Man Records. I was impressed. My visit inspired this entry, which originally appeared on Summit Social. As we’ve been working with our client Union Station Kansas City to promote their awesome Science of Rock ‘n Roll exhibit this winter, our minds have been on music. And there are few figures in modern … Continue reading 7 Marketing Lessons from Jack White