Why Build a Downtown Arts Campus in Kansas City?

Take the downtown Kansas City you know now and add some 600 performing and visual arts students to it — all living, studying, playing, and creating in the heart of our burgeoning creative center. And they never grow up and move away! That’s the vision laid out by the Conservatory and its dean, Peter Witte, in their plan for a Downtown Campus for the Arts … Continue reading Why Build a Downtown Arts Campus in Kansas City?

How to Get Your Organization Enrolled in the YouTube Nonprofit Program

If you’re a nonprofit dabbling in video, good on you. Online video is quite possibly the most powerful medium for delivering a message, and — as everyone from Invisible Children to the South Australian government’s rail safety program has demonstrated — it’s especially effective for nonprofits with a good story to tell. YouTube recently rolled out a powerful, free suite of tools geared especially for … Continue reading How to Get Your Organization Enrolled in the YouTube Nonprofit Program

A Writer’s Room: Whitney Terrell

I’ve always been fascinated with writers’ rooms. The most important space a writer deals with is the distance from the mind to the blank page. But what surrounds that conduit, providing a physical platform for the connection, is the room the writer fixes around it. It cannot help but reflect the writer’s personality. On the austere end, you’ve got E.B. White at his rustic desk … Continue reading A Writer’s Room: Whitney Terrell

Remembering the Storm

On May 22, 2011, a category EF-5 tornado devastated Joplin, Missouri. Thousands of residents lost their homes, hundreds were injured, and some 190 were killed. Kansas City sent money, food, and help in the ensuing weeks and months. Journalists were sent, too. Two of those reporters were Laura Bauer and Eric Adler of the Kansas City Star. I recently had the pleasure of filming interviews … Continue reading Remembering the Storm

Video: Interview with Artist Anne Pearce

Interview with awesome and talented KC artist Anne Pearce, talking about her exhibition of 10 paintings at the Library. This was the most hi-fi vid I’ve worked on so far, mainly because we ran separate sound — first time ever for that, and I wish I could do it every time. Our curator, Adam, asked the interview questions, and A/V guy Michael helped with the … Continue reading Video: Interview with Artist Anne Pearce

Tweeting Rainbow

One of my most thrilling experiences as an amateur web video maker revolved around the arrival of a star to our small corner of the galaxy. I grew up learning from LeVar Burton. During its quarter-century run, Reading Rainbow brought delight, humor and a sprinkling of sly wit to the educational airwaves, inspiring kids of my generation to think books were cool. The show forever … Continue reading Tweeting Rainbow

Bloomsday Keeps the Joyce Alive in Kansas City

An appreciation for Irish modernist literature is not one of the things Kansas City is generally known for. But for the past 14 years, a small community of lit lovers has been celebrating James Joyce’s masterpiece, Ulysses, every June. A worldwide literary day of note, Bloomsday refers to June 16,1904, the date on which all the action of Ulysses takes place. The main plot thread … Continue reading Bloomsday Keeps the Joyce Alive in Kansas City

Apologies to Insect Life

I recently had a bit of a bee problem in my apartment here in the otherwise wonderful Westside neighborhood of Kansas City, Mo. As the first video shows, the problem began with a single doomed herald. Then, a few days later, an unprecedented swarm of bees set up roost (hive?) around the outside corner of my building. It was crazy and inexplicable. A few days … Continue reading Apologies to Insect Life

Video: Wet Hot Absurdist Summer

A couple of months ago, my good friend Crystal K. Wiebe approached me to create an online video to get the word out about an event she has helped organize to benefit two great local causes: KKFI 90.1 FM and the KC Fringe Fest. Dubbed Blue Summer Eclectic, the fashion show and music extravaganza takes place on Saturday, May 15, at the Uptown Theater’s Conspiracy … Continue reading Video: Wet Hot Absurdist Summer